Basic System Trouble-shooting and Speed-up

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Hi Everyone,This is Bharath from India.I can give y'all some Tips to keep Their PCs in Top Condition and Clean

Speed Up Your Desktop Computer for Free.

Requirements for This :

A Desktop Computer
1 Ghz AMD or Intel CPU.
512 MB RAM.
Half an Hour Of Your Time.
Internet Connection (Any Type).
A Dry Cloth and a Soft Computer Cleaning Brush (Any Soft Brush Except ToothBrush and It Must Not Be Medium Or Hard Type Brush).
If You Have an Air Blower Or Vaccum Cleaner, It is a Bit Easier.

This Also Works for High-End PC's.

Reasons Why Your PC is Very Slow :

1) There are Fragments That Need To Be Defragged in The Reistry and the HDD.
2) HDD are slow and will Become slower if there are Fragments.
3) Windows needs Heavy Optimization and It Has Some Problems.
4) Your PC has Unwanted Softwares and Which Uses Massive Amounts of Memory.
5) Your PC may Not Be Clean and May have Dust In it.
6) Your PC's Drivers may Be Old Which Results in Huge Performance Loss.
7) Dust is a Major Problem for Performance Drops and It Can Destroy Your PC

Fix 1 :

1) Download iObit Advanced System Care 7.4 Pro and Driver Booster 1.5 Pro.
2) Open ASC 7 Installer and Install It and Make it into PRO.
3) Open Driver Booster and Install It and Make it PRO.
4) Run Deep Clean In ASC 7 PRO and while Scanning Uncheck 'Repair Automatically'
5) In ASC 7,Select Go To ToolBox,Open Startup Manager and Uncheck All The Startup Items.
6) Activate Turbo Boost in ASC 7 PRO
7) Open Driver Booster and Scan,Download and Install the Outdated Drivers

Fix 2 :

1) Open Your PC's Case
2) Disconnect All of Your Storage (HDD or SSD) and DVD Writer's Cables from Both The HDD's Socket and The Motherboard's Socket and Keep The Cables Separatley (Sata or IDE It Doesn't Matter !!).
3) Remove The Storage (HDD or SSD) and The DVD Writer From Your PC and Clean The Its Body and Its Socket .
4) Clean The Storage's And The DVD Writer's Body And The Socket.
5) Also Clean The All The HDD and DVD writer Brackets.
6) Clean The Whole MotherBoard With The Brush or With The Airblower.
8) Reconnect all the Parts you removed.
9) Disconnect the Cables at the Back Of your PC and Clean The Sockets of Both With Any Thing (Brush,Air Blower Or Vaccum Cleaner).
10) Clean All Of (Front,Side Or The Back) The Fans with Anything On You PC's Case except The CPU Fan.
11) After Doing All Of These Steps, Remove the Side Panel of Your PC and Let Your PC sit for a While (10-30 Minutes) in an Open,a Well Ventilated Room and a Cool Room.

This Will Give you a 50% Better Performance,a Cooler and a Quiter PC.

But If You Want a Bit More Performance,Just Follow the Optional Fixes.This May Gonna Cost You.

This Step is even More Harder Than the Fix 2 so I Recommend To DO THIS ONLY IF YOU KNOW TO ASSEMBLE A COMPUTER.

Other Optional Fixes

1) Remove The Everything From The Case (Mobo,PSU,HDD.etc) and Clean The PC With a Dry Cloth and With the Vaccum Cleaner and The Blower.
2) If Your PC's Case Has an Air Filter(A Net In Front Of The Fans) Any Where,Clean It With The Brush First and With the Vaccum Cleaner and The Blower.
3) Clean The PSU's Fan From The Outside.
4) Re-Assemble the Parts with The Case and Do Some Better Cable Management !!.

Thats It !!
I am Sure This Works As I Have Tried This In My Old PC.Now I Have an SSD so There Isn't any Performance Issues.

Thank You For Spending Your Time.
All The Best and Good Luck.