How to Change Spacing between the Desktop Icons in Windows 8?

Windows 8 Desktop Icons
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Modifying the spacing between the desktop icons in Microsoft Windows 7 was comparatively easier.

In Windows 8 if you want to change the spacing between the desktop icons, there is no direct path as opening any dialogue box and then making the configuration. Instead, in Windows 8/Windows 8.1, you must modify the registry settings in order to get the job done. Also, since the registry is to be modified to perform the task, you must have administrative privileges on the computer.

Here is how you can change the spacing between the desktop icons in your Windows 8/Windows 8.1 computer:

  • Log on to the Windows 8/Windows 8.1 computer with the administrator account.
  • From the Start screen, click the Desktop tile.
  • Once on the desktop window, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously to initialize the Run command box.
  • In the available field in the Run command box, type the REGEDIT command and hit Enter.
  • From the displayed User Account Control confirmation box, click Yes to provide your consent to continue.
  • On the opened Registry Editor window, from the left pane, expand and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics.
  • Click to select the WindowMetrics container from the left pane.
  • From the right pane, double-click the IconSpacing string.
  • On the opened Edit String box, in the Value data field, modify the current value. (Make sure that you set the value anywhere between -480 and -2750 only.)