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Benchmark Results: Tom's Hardware Performance Index

PowerColor's SCS3 HD6850: Radeon HD 6850 Goes Fanless
By , Greg Ryder

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    tranzz , 9 August 2011 21:27
    I you rev the nuts off the fan can you get a super over clock from the card?
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    ps3hacker12 , 10 August 2011 04:49
    wow, so with just 1 fan its a great card.
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    mi1ez , 10 August 2011 09:39
    the fact remains, to use a silent graphics card at it's full potential, you need a noisy case!
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    Solitaire , 12 August 2011 22:20
    Tom's... I think you've forgotten that heatpipe towers are hugely reliant on static pressure and airflow... of course sticking it on an uncooled open testbench will result in fail...

    Ultimately true passive setups involving mid-TDP parts will always remain impractical or a gimmick, as they always need some sort of forced airflow across them to remain workable. Turning a Big Air system into a Quiet Air one through Arctic/Scythe/Noctua abuse is always the better idea.
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    HEXiT , 16 August 2011 19:48
    i had a fanless solution on my 88gt done by sparkle. it worked, just. i put a 60mm cpufan on it and wow. temps down to 40'c from near 100. the cooler itself was ok but was blinding when you gave it a push... i guess this 1 will do the same. add a couple of low noise 120's and i bet the temps tumble... then again i hoped they would come with a fanless solution because the build quality for there fans is poor... min didnt even last a year on my 5870... also there customer service is second to none... it has to be the worst i have ever encountered from a new-ish entrant into the market.