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GeForce GTX 780 Ti Overclocked to 1.9 GHz by K|NGP|N

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EVGA's GTX 780 Ti classified K|NGP|N edition has been overclocked to a whopping 1.9 GHz. LN2 was harmed in the process.

Not long ago, word arrived that EVGA was working on its GTX 780 Ti Kingpin edition. Now, overclocker Kingpin, or "K|NGP|N" himself, got his hands on the card and went to work. The result was 1933 MHz on liquid nitrogen.

The GPU was run at 1.212 V, with the memory running at 7.8 GHz. The CPU that was used was an Intel Xeon E5-1660 that was overclocked to 5.0 GHz.

The EVGA GTX 780 Ti classified K|NGP|N edition (What a mouthful!) is a card that is built to be the overclocker's dream card, with no limit on the GPU voltage or the card's TDP. This lets overclockers take the hardware as far as physics will let it go and not be limited by the manufacturer. That said, undoubtedly warranties were probably void.

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    HEXiT , 10 December 2013 07:52
    so how many fps did he get in crysis 3?
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    DragonChase , 10 December 2013 13:49
    So how much FPS he gets in 'minesweeper'?