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RAID 6 I/O Performance

Will SSDs Take Over The Enterprise?

Finally, we decided to also include RAID 6 performance, which means double redundancy. Where RAID 5 creates parity information for the information stored across seven hard drives and stores it on the eighth drive—rotating the parity drive to avoid storing all parity information on only one drive—RAID 6 creates two parity sets. This allows for two drives to fail without losing data.

The I/O performance for the MemoRight flash SSDs is still superior, but this time only by a magnitude of 1.5 to 2.5. Clearly, the double redundancy has its impact on I/O performance in RAID 6. The flash drives are still the best choice, though you should consider whether or not 1.5x to 2.5x performance is worth several times the cost and much less capacity.

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    leexgx , 19 July 2008 12:36
    whats with makeing the PNG files so small so that we have click on each one to see the results

    please make them norm size so we do not Need to click on them
    put them back to the size thay should be not makeing them smaller by 50% wasteing click time (there not even bigger when you press the print button so makes very anoying)
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    pickie , 22 July 2008 02:43
    since the takeover of toms its just gone downhill and keeps going :(  sad cos it was one of the best sites
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    Anonymous , 23 July 2008 02:28
    I agree in having the images larger. As they are an important part of the review, why make them so clumsily awailable?
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    extremetaz , 1 August 2008 16:58
    agreed - who came up with this "click on the image" rubbish???