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A Mac user?

We Interview EFiX Creators: OS X on PC

Tuan: I have to ask you, are you a Mac user?

Davide: Since ’94 — faithful and proud of it.

Tuan: Do you use a combination of PCs and Macs?

Davide: Windows shalt not cross these premises! [grin]

Tuan: [laugh]

Davide: I use only OS X, but I use Windows for my fun experiments. I have built the craziest PCs in the past, and used Windows a number of times for benchmarks, etc.

Tuan: Did you see the two articles I wrote about Macs? If so, which parts do you agree with and which parts don’t you agree with?

Davide: Yeah. Well, most people actually don’t fully know what is expected when using OS X, and there are cheap Macs on the market. And I agree on the severe lack of options for 3D graphics hardware.

Tuan: Well I think a lot of those commenting didn’t agree with me and some threatened to kill me.

Davide: [laugh]... Internet readers seldom [censored].

Tuan: [laugh]... Well, that’s all the questions I have for you now Davide. Thanks for sitting down with us! We’re going to get back to you soon once the units are up and running. I think you guys have a good thing going here with the EFiX.

Davide: Not a problem. Next time I’m in L.A., it would be nice to meet up again and have a live interview for a podcast or something!

Tuan: We’d love to reconnect!

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