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Screenshots of Duke Nukem Forever Leak Out

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Come get some... screenshots.

Yesterday we saw a mash-up trailer of what Duke Nukem Forever would have been like if it actually saw the day of release. If the 4 minutes and 14 seconds of 720p video from YouTube wasn't enough to numb the pain from the lack of a real Duke, today we show you 18 screenshots from 1080p captures.

Images from All Games Beta.

Here's the trailer from yesterday, in case you needed another fix:

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    wonspur , 7 April 2010 10:25
    breaking news, DNF is delayed for 5 more years to continue development.
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    afciscoguy , 7 April 2010 12:36
    wonspurbreaking news, DNF is delayed for 5 more years to continue development.

    LMAO, even if it DID finally make it out, it will have to be done right to sell, look at the new Wolf3d for that example.
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    N19h7M4r3 , 7 April 2010 17:47
    Is the end of times really coming? (get it? if forever actually comes, its the end... lol)
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    jamac666 , 7 April 2010 18:40
    I agree with Smochina!
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    Vampyrbyte , 7 April 2010 18:50
    SmochinaLooks like crap. Plays like crap. Crap.

    Really? I think it looks mental and most of all great fun. I still think the whole world is being seriously trolled by whoever is developing this game now.
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    SevenVirtues , 7 April 2010 20:01
    I loved the other games but I didn't even bother to watch the whole video for this. It has taken far too long to be released, the graphics are out-dated and his accent is terrible.
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    stevemo , 9 April 2010 04:35
    But where are the pole dancers?

    Duke isnt about fancy gfx, its about taking a piss in the toilets of a strip club then going outside and chewing gum...