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Blizzard Unveils Development Update for Diablo 3

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Blizzard's Jay Wilson said that the Diablo 3 team is no longer in "discovery" mode.

During the Gamescom 2010 event held over in Cologne, Germany, Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson provided an overall development update for the upcoming action/RPG. Currently the team is taking a broad approach by building up enough content so that they can begin the "polishing" process.

"We have good examples of what does it look like for monsters when we're at ship level, what does it look like for classes, what does it look like for items, we have the answers to those questions, but there's still some story and questing stuff that's not hitting the quality level that we want, so those are the things we're working on," he said in an interview.

Presently the team is still adding monsters, working on bosses (some of which haven't been created thus far), and working on all the Acts. Wilson said that some of the areas still haven't been built, however the team is "building very fast."

"We're not in discovery mode anymore," he added.

The interview also revealed Diablo 3 will be similar in size to its predecessor, Diablo 2. "There are some differences here and there, exterior environments are a little more diverse, dungeons are about the same," he said. "Even the way the Acts increase in length and then scale down. We intentionally did that again because we thought, some of that was done to ship Diablo 2, but we thought it had a good feel to it to reduce the length of later acts so that you feel like you're accelerating towards the finale."

To read the full update, head here.

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    hollett , 2 September 2010 04:00
    Can't wait! Just need a release date now.
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    darksai , 2 September 2010 04:16
    Sounds awesome, but i dont think the whole accelerate the end thing will work again.. Especially cos act 5 was so much longer, which was ok then, but i really think players would enjoy exploring more of hell (the place, not difficulty lol), especially if there were some more slightly abstract areas like in act 2 of d2.
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    silver565 , 2 September 2010 05:02
    Act 2 was soooo long lol
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    darksai , 2 September 2010 14:50
    i meant more areas like that weird place with the sorcerer beneath the palace. Trippy places like that in hell would really be awesome