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Dell Criticizes Netbooks, Praises Windows 7

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Dell Mini 10? Maybe not.

Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell must, even if only by outward appearances, love all of the products that his company makes, right?

Perhaps not, as Dell made comments that were quite disparaging towards the netbook.

"Take a user who's used to a 15-inch notebook and then give him a 10-inch netbook. He'll say 'Oh, this is so cool, it's so lightweight.' Then 36 hours later he'll say the screen's not big enough, give me my 15-inch back," said Dell, according to IDG.

Dell was relatively late to the netbook party by the time it introduced the Inspiron Mini 9, which has since been discontinued. The Mini 10 has since taken its place and has been a popular netbook.

Michael Dell later added that "a fair amount of customers" have been unsatisfied with the smaller screens and lower-performance parts.

The CEO later made more positive comments regarding the new version of Windows, promising that new software such as Windows 7 and Office 2010 will make users love their PCs again.

"If you get the latest processor technology and you get Windows 7 and Office 2010, you will love your PC again," Dell said. "And we actually have not been able to say that for a long time. It's a dramatic improvement."

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    LePhuronn , 16 October 2009 05:24
    The only people who have been disappointed with netbooks are people who don't know computers and were duped into buying one thinking it's intended as a proper computer.
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    Anonymous , 16 October 2009 05:39
    ...They then use their BlackBerry Curve with no quibbles at all.
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    mactronix , 16 October 2009 17:25
    I would think that about 80%+ of people who buy computers no nothing what so ever about them, and with the population ever increasing thats a growing market. Dell are OK for what they are as long as you know that, but then that goes for every thing im life dosent it? You always have hindsight, when you bought this if only you knew that you would have bought something differant.
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    david__t , 16 October 2009 19:40
    Dell are actually one of the better PC manufactures - you do get custom boards & power supplies that are not standard, but their reliability is very good & you get a fair band for your buck. As for Dell's comments, it is perfectly natural for Dell to supply the niche of the Netbook to make money - that doesn't mean that the owner neccesarily agrees with the product itself. Granted it seems counter intuitive to argue against your own product line, but the average man in the street is not going to be privvy to Mr Dell's comments.
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    mactronix , 16 October 2009 19:50
    Thats what i meant by "Dell are OK for what they are " If you know that the PC you just bought will do what you want and have no intention of trying to upgrade it or make it better yourself, by say overclocking the CPU then yes they are easilly one of the better makers out there.
    However from my perspective,seeing cases with Dell stamped on the side struggling to keep up when you know damn well the CPU inside will run 3.0GHZ on its head and its locked at 2.0 is a real pain.