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Cuban president lifts bans on mobile phones

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Cuban president, Raúl Castro, lifted restrictions on ownership of mobile phones on Friday, according to the TimesOnline.

Previously Cubans weren’t allowed to own mobile phones unless they were employed by a foreign firm or held a key post in the communist-run state.

We quite like that idea. Only the people who really need the phones are allowed to have them. Sounds sort of like a fairytale. No eleven year olds in the cinema listening to the Crazy Frog ringtone over and over during the trailers . . . Sounds quite nice to us.

Well, watch out Cuba because you’ve got it all ahead of you. Having said that, you’d be a fool to think Cuba was phone-free save for government bigwigs and foreign businessmen. Apparently it wasn’t unusual for Cubans to side-step the ban by having foreigners sign contracts in their name.

We wonder what they’d think of our Humphrey’s experiences of buying a phone in Thailand ?

In his inaugural speech in February, Castro promised to ease some of the restrictions on daily life on the island.

Read more on the TimesOnline.

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