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Benchmark Results: Applications

System Builder Marathon: $625 Gaming PC

Our overclocking efforts awarded us with an impressive reduction in the time needed to render one 1080P frame in 3D Studio Max. Still, as we’ll see tomorrow, this is another application better suited for a quad-core CPU. This is where an inexpensive Phenom might come into play—we have our fingers crossed that the 45 nm Deneb chips prove to be highly overclockable.

The overclocked $625 PC applies filters in Photoshop far quicker than last month’s $500 and $1,500 systems did.

The stock-clocked $625 system completes an AVG scan in about the same time as it took last month’s overclocked $500 PC to do the job. The time to complete the task is reduced by 50 seconds with overclocking.

Raised CPU clock speeds delivered just a modest performance increase in WinRAR file compression compared to other applications. Last month’s $1,500 PC with a lower-clocked Q6600 finished almost one minute quicker.

We finish off our application suite with WinZip file compression where overclocking reduced job time by 45 seconds.

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