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Benchmark Results: Audio/Video Performance

LGA 1156 Memory Performance: What Speed DDR3 Should You Buy?

The performance differences in converting audio into Apple’s AAC format using iTunes is negligible.

There were no measurable differences when using LAME.

DivX transcoding runs slightly faster with higher-performance memory, but we found wide variance in the results, meaning that performance isn’t very consistent.

Using Xvid provided another case of measurable benefit with faster memory.

 Finally, there’s little reason to pay for fast RAM if you use MainConcept on a regular basis.

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    augustus_77 , 9 December 2009 07:48
    I think the advantage of DDR3-1600 is not in the memory speed, but that the multiplier-locked CPU can be overclocked to a much higher frequency than DDR3-1066 would permit. This will result in the tremendous performance gain of DDR3-1600 over DDR3-1066.
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    jamac666 , 9 December 2009 20:43
    I love DDR3! It's such fast ram and mine is only 1333mhz. Well worth the upgrade from ddr2.
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    acecooper , 10 December 2009 03:39
    how long are the adobe encoding program settings for? (premiere)
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    damian86 , 10 December 2009 06:07
    Thanks a lot guys,that was a usefull guide if you are wondering what memory you will get.Why are you showing all the benchmarks in percentages?
    in the games,mp3 encoding,rar?you could give us a precise result by showing it on fps,minutes and secs,scores, doesn't really help if you say "Percent(more is better)".not offence,just trying to help.
    I took your advise anyway.Thanks
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    vernoncougar , 10 December 2009 14:36
    I've got core i7 860 with team xtreem 8GB 1600mhz memory,i am happy with it.
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    redkachina , 10 December 2009 15:56
    Great, I'm still torn between lots of DDR3 brands for my next i5 750 / PII 955 builds, clearly that the difference between each RAM speed is not that I'm going for the cheaper ones!
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    Black3ird , 5 March 2010 14:45
    Apart from my supplier not haveing a few of the compared items for sale, this was great help in deciding, thanks!