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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

Preview: VIA VN1000 And Nano DC Platform: An IGP With Game?

We’ve already seen that low-energy platforms are suitable to only very few games, yet VIA’s gaming claims made us add 3DMark to the suite.

Unfortunately, no integrated solution is fully capable of reaching a normal score in 3DMark’s default Performance setting, so we had to drop to its Entry preset to achieve consistent results. The ION 2 edges out the Nano DC in spite of its general mediocrity.

A slightly more powerful CPU gives the Nano DC a small lead in PCMark.

Sandra’s CPU tests give us a more accurate representation of the Nano DC’s low-energy performance superiority.

Only the desktop-based platform is dual-channel capable, yet a closer look reveals that all three low-energy platforms had trouble using the bandwidth available via single-channel mode.

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