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Alle Benchmarks Gaming Graphics Charts 2008-Q3

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Featuring 101 different combinations of single, dual, three-way, and four-way graphics card configurations, our VGA Charts for 2008 include the largest collection of benchmarks we’ve ever published — almost 7,000 scores, in fact. We have five generations of cards covered here, from AMD’s X800-, X1000-, HD 2000-, HD 3000-, and HD 4000-series to Nvidia’s GeForce 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, and GTX 200-series boards. Our tested resolutions cover 1280x1024, 1680x1050, and 1920x1200—with and without AA/AF. So, whether you’re looking for the best value in graphics for your favorite game or investigating the benefit of multi-card rendering through CrossFire and SLI, this year’s VGA charts are the most comprehensive yet.

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