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Alle Benchmarks 2013 VGA-GPGPU

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We decided to add a few GPGPU benchmarks to our VGA Charts, since floating point calculations are becoming increasingly important. However, we still run a large number of synthetic and real-life benchmark, and the number of benchmarks was in fact more than doubled when compared to 2011. We also decided to run three different resolutions and detail settings to do justice to the most important market segments for graphics cards. We call these levels ‘Entry Level‘, ‘Performance‘ and ‘Extreme/Enthusiast‘ and they are based on 1280, 1920 and 2560 resolutions as well as varying quality settings. Each of these levels will be represented by an overall performance index, which cumulates all results and normalizes them to a 100% mark, which we pre-defined. Entry-level graphics cards are judged and rated by our ‘Entry Level‘ profile, while the ‘Extreme/Enthusiast‘ set is the rating standard for highest end graphics solutions. We decided to drop test results below 5 fps, as these are practically irrelevant and useless.

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