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Benchmark Results: SiSoftware Sandra

System Builder Marathon, Sept. 2010: Value Compared

The $2000 PC barely edges out the $1000 build in SiSoft Sandra's Arithmetic test, even though it has 50% more cores to perform the computations, and even though all of those cores are running at a higher frequency.

AMD does a great job with Intel’s SSE instruction sets, giving the six-core $2000 system its rightful lead over the quad-core $1000 PC.

Sandra’s Memory Bandwidth benchmark provides far more interesting results. We’ve often seen that Intel’s dual-channel memory controller has a little more bandwidth than AMD’s, so it’s no surprise to see the stock-clocked $1000 build edge out the stock-clocked $2000 system by a difference of 2 GB/s.

Increasing the $1000 system’s base clock without increasing memory voltage forced its builder to drop the memory multiplier, handing a huge win to the AMD-based $2000 PC.

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