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Benchmark Results: Media Encoding

System Builder Marathon, Sept. 2010: $1000 Enthusiast PC

Both HandBrake and iTunes demonstrate a large performance preference for the Intel system.

TMPGEnc and MainConcept Reference continue to provide the kind of results we’re seeing in most of the application benchmarks.

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    swamprat , 10 September 2010 20:12
    At a mere 65 degrees over ambient this rig looks insufficient to make tea (you should get the water to boiling to help it brew properly), unless it's summer and room temperature gets up to 35 that is.

    When will a system get around to using heat more efficiently (i.e. producing a constant stream of tea)?

    On a less irrelevant note - is the upsidedown layout more common these days? It looked intriguing
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    obsidian86 , 12 September 2010 15:34
    you could get a samsung f3 1tb for the price of the WB 640