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As CPU performance hits new and unforeseen heights, processors increasingly spend time waiting on data from hard drives. This is what makes storage today's most glaring bottleneck, and overcoming it requires an SSD. Frankly, the real-world differences between SSDs in a desktop environment aren't altogether large. The most noticeable performance increase occurs when you go from a hard disk to just about any solid-state drive.

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January 2017 Updates

While consumer SSD prices typically drop 15% at the start of the holiday shopping season, this past year didn’t see the annual price drop. We warned readers about an impending industry-wide NAND flash shortage, which saw prices increase across the board.

The BPX may be the best overall SSD value on the market. The 480GB model delivers an impressive 1,400 TBW endurance rating, which is even higher than Samsung’s flagship 960 Pro 2TB.

Samsung seems to be the hardest hit from the NAND shortage. The company has the best flash available, and even its consumer products have taken on roles in large data centers. Samsung supplies many of the large all-flash array systems with off-the-shelf and custom form-factor products. That market continues to grow at a rapid pace. Samsung ran into yield issues during its transition to 48-layer 256Gbit flash. The stunted output and data center demand hurt the availability of consumer products transitioning to the new flash, resulting in a delay for new products like the 960 series. We recently reviewed the 960 EVO, and the 1TB model won the Editor Recommended award.

The 960 series, as well as some other Samsung SSDs, ship with a code to download Watch Dogs 2. I haven’t played the game, but it looks exciting. Some stores like Newegg and Amazon allow third-party companies to sell products, but not all of them will have the free game offer, so shop carefully.

MyDigitalSSD and Samsung now dominate the NVMe SSD charts. The Samsung OEM SM961 is MIA. This line continues to suffer from poor availability, but it is still an exceptional value if you can find it for sale without a six-month wait.

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