Best Motherboards

This page contains our recommendations for motherboards with Intel's "mainstream" LGA-1151 and LGA-1150 sockets. These include the Skylake (1151), Haswell, and Broadwell (1150) family of processors and the Z170, H170 (1151), Z97, H97, and H81 chipsets (1150). For recommendations for motherboards supporting Intel's high-end LGA-2011v3 socket and X99 chipset, see our recommendations on the next page. Skip to the last page for all AMD-based boards.

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October 2016 Updates

While some of us spent the lazy days of summer drinking frozen beverages and relaxing to the drone of fans, contributor Joe Trott was figuring out even cheaper ways to squeeze performance out of his Core i5 CPU. MSI's ultra-cheap H110M PRO-D, along with ASRock's moderately priced H170 PRO4 and H170 PRO4S, all received our stamp of approval, though only the H110 board makes the cut for our top picks.

Best Intel LGA-1151 & 1150 Motherboards

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Best Intel Z170 Motherboards

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Best Intel H170 Motherboard

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Best Intel Z97 Motherboards


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Best Intel H97 Motherboards

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Best Intel H81 Motherboard

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