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Youths warned social networking profiles could jepordise their chances of getting into university

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Young people are, reportedly, unaware that the material and photographs they post on social networking homepages such as bebo or facebook can do serious damage to their future.

Over 70 percent of young people surveyed by the Information Commissioner’s Office claimed they didn’t realise that any prospective employers or even colleges they applied to could find out what they’re up to and what kind of lifestyle they lead by simply entering their name into Google or Yahoo !

This 71 percent also said they definitely wouldn’t want said colleges or prospective employers seeing their pages even though, according to the survey, more than half of their pages are under public listing, making them available to the entire internet community.

Aside from this, the survey also found that most of the young’uns surveyed were putting themselves at risk of identity fraud by posting personal information on their pages.

According to the data regulator’s results, 10 percent of people give their home address on their page, 25 percent give their job title and 60 percent posted their date of birth.

Once informed, the ICO said that 95 percent of the people surveyed said they cared “a lot” about what their personal details were being used for. The data regulator will be launching a site to educate youngsters on the ways of social networking sites and how to keep their information safe.

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    Anonymous , 23 November 2007 16:52

    Young people are, reportedly, unaware that the material and photographs they post on social

    Youths warned social networking profiles could jepordise their chances of getting into university : Read more
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    mi1ez , 23 November 2007 17:30
    I find regularly running a search for yourself gives you a good idea on what's out there. Having just done my latest check, I feel pretty safe!
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    wild9 , 23 November 2007 22:32
    Social networking is just that - social. Employees don't have the right to bar people on the grounds of what they do outside of office hours; we do not live in a communist state. Notice how they try and group it in with giving your private address away, which is a separate issue altogether.

    Companies have no right to discriminate against anyone like this and if they choose to do it then in fact it shall be the companies and their backstage affairs that shall be under spotlight. This is an infringement of civil liberty. It's against the law.
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    wild9 , 23 November 2007 22:35
    For instance, if you disagree with the war in Iraq on your home page - which is you RIGHT - or you disagree with immigration and the North American Union..if you have opinions on your identity and your culture, your religion..these companies are going to use any excuse not to employ you?

    This is Big Brother people. It's allowing them to discriminate you not on a moral premise but a corporate policy. And as we know it is not the job of corporations to reside over morality because all they care about is themselves. That is why we are in Iraq in the first place.
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    wild9 , 23 November 2007 22:40
    How can a seat of learning bar people on the grounds of lifestyle? It's pure discrimination. They are breaking their own terms and conditions..never mind, 'finding out'. A college is there to offer education - the college or the employer has no legal basis to do this. They would not for instance, bar someone on the grounds of being black or Muslim and this is no different. They should keep their big noses out of things they have no right over, and get on with what they are paid to do.

    Corporate policy does not reside over civil liberty. This is not a dictatorship - and notice how this is "UK" news yet again..kiss my rear and if you don't like the way I live I'll see you in court. A public court.
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    sosrandom , 24 November 2007 06:23
    This isnt like them asking for your livestyle choices, its stuff that your putting out there for everyone to see.
    Everyone has the right to look at webpages and it would be impossible to stop it.
    Plus no company is gonna tell you that there not employing you because someone googled your name and found you to be pro/anti Bush.

    Its hard enough as it is to prove discrimination cases