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Samsung SH-S182 (UltraATA)

Are Cheap DVD Burners Worth the Trouble?

This is the first of two Samsung drives we received. The SH182 is an UltraATA device, while the SH183 (see next page) is equipped with a Serial ATA interface. Both devices are called Super-WriteMaster DVD Writers and offer up to 18X recording speeds for DVD-R and DVD+R media. DVD-RW can be written at up to 6X, DVD+RW at up to 8X speeds. DVD-RAM writing is supported at up to 12X speeds. Samsung-specified access times are 130 ms for DVDs and 110 ms for CDs.

Samsung offers a low-noise operating mode called Magic Speed, and there is a feature to adjust the disc rotation speed to the quality of the inserted DVD. Finally, the drive carries 2 MB cache and a buffer under run protection feature. LightScribe is supported as well.

The Samsung drives' performance is acceptable when it comes to burning single-layer DVDs. DVD ripping performance was in the mid range as well. We liked how newly inserted discs were recognized quickly, but the SH-S182 as well as its SH-S183 counterpart took too long to import digital audio into Apple's iTunes 7.1.

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