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Sick of Apple News on Tom's Hardware? Read This

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Tired of reading about the iPad and other Apple related happenings on Tom's Hardware?

Technology is technology. There's a lot to know about, and it's good to understand things from all angles. There's a lot that Apple does that actually influences other companies to do things better. Like them or not, Apple is a big influence, and as such, we will continue to cover Apple news wherever appropriate.

But, I've heard some of your cries that our Apple related news is melting your eyeballs. Fear not.

While this solution isn't ideal, it's something that I've setup for those of you who are interested of seeing Tom's Hardware news without Apple articles. In the future, we'll work on a better solution that's integrated into the site. But for now, you can hit this link:

And be presented with full Tom's Hardware News without any Apple info.

This doesn't include Tom's Guide, since Tom's Guide focuses on consumer products and not enthusiast hardware like Tom's Hardware does. I hope this is sufficient for now until we finish working on some type of integrated filtering system so that you don't have to leave the site to filter out content you don't want to see.

Again, hopefully we can have something integrated in place, but for now, I hope that will please some of you.

Take care,

/ Tuan
Director, News Operations

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    flaminggerbil , 8 April 2010 05:18
    It's not the apple news in general that we have a problem with it's the sheer volume of it, what's stopping you from just compacting it down?

    There also seem to be many Apple related news topics which are little more then fanservice...
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    Confused Stu , 8 April 2010 05:29
    Thank you. I don't mind knowing when Apple bring out a new product (just like when any other company does), but I agree that when a new iWhatnot comes out, it does feel like every single paragraph ever after must be about it, mention it, or compare the featured product to it.

    I still remember when Apple were a technology company. These days they seem to be 95% PR and 5% tech. I miss innovation.
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    killmenow , 8 April 2010 05:53
    My two pet hates are Apple, because people buy their products for the wrong reasons, and HP - cause there product are crap and lots of people believe they are the best.

    This has made me loss faith in my belief that the human race can make logical decisions. (or is it just me who lacks logic in my purchases of computer equipment)
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    Clintonio , 8 April 2010 07:11
    I hate Apple, but I still read the articles, and I might make an argument around it, but I wouldn't filter it out. Apple fanboys are absolute idiots, and the only reason to entertain their arrogance is if you want to blow off some steam on a friday afternoon.
    I wouldn't filter out Apple though, as said in the article, it's still tech. Maybe one day I'll see that Steve Jobs has died and that the Apple ecosystem ope... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
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    ukgooey , 8 April 2010 07:20
    It's not just Toms so don't worry about it. I counted Apple iPad stories from a number of sites in a constant feed I get. At one point 14 of 20 were about the iPad. It does need to be reported though and it could be pivotal so you can't exactly ignore it. Thanks for trying though.

    Let me just reiterate for those of you unfamiliar with my rants- I hate Apple. And Apple fanboys. That's the only reason I'm sick of the articles.
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    ukcal , 8 April 2010 07:29
    Just condense the articles down, that is all. Even Windows 7 didn't get as many articles as the iPad has done.
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    N19h7M4r3 , 8 April 2010 08:49
    i like apple articles... i just dont like this many lol
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    afciscoguy , 8 April 2010 09:15
    Perhaps it's the fact that Tom's Hardware News has duplicate stories on the same topic, often.

    For example, the newly released Nvidia 400 series of cards, how many articles did we see about many different manufactures art, or card layout, or boxes... I mean come on, do we REALLY need over a dozen stories about how this company or that company is showing us different art on a GPU??

    In apple land, does ANYONE care about a youtube video showing a mega blender destroying one?? Cool yes, news, hardly.

    Apple doesn't inspire a single company to best them IMO. Honestly Google, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, you name it needs them around for competition, and Microsoft as to not attract more monopoly federal law suits. Do any readers REALLY think that if Microsoft spent a few BILLION on R&D for an Iphone killer it wouldn't do just that??

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    dominatorix , 8 April 2010 16:12
    Thank you Tom's Hardware, i don't care about apple,apple is like Reno on cars,every 3 month releases something new that is only a fecelift for the previous generation..
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    princeofdreams , 8 April 2010 17:32
    As some one stated earlier, the problem is not Apple news, it is the quantity and the quality of these reports. But this is true for other avenues that Toms follows, the Fermi line being one example.

    It given rise to hype reporting, rather than tech reporting that we have all come to love on toms.

    Is the ipad interesting, to some yes I guess it is, to others no, to me it is just an overgrown itouch, apart from a larger screen I really dont see any difference between them. I certainly don't see how we need 5 or 6 articles a day leading up to the launch when it offers nothing really new

    The same can be said for the Nvidia articles, how many articles were showing pictures of a box? "This is what the Asus or XFX box will look like" I mean c'mon seriously what does it matter? There seems to have been a downward spiral on the reporting from this site, stories like "man arrested for selling mothers Wii" how is that technology news?

    I understand that Toms needs new content on the site to attract hits, to keep advertisement companies happy, but the standard is def dropping, get back to your core roots and values, interesting hardware/software reviews, how to articles etc. and less of the over hyped product support

    Its not that we don't want apple news, we just don't want toms being an extension of some marketing companies hype machine....
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    chriscornell , 8 April 2010 21:10
    Thank you Tom's for actually listening to your readers :)  Many sites could learn something from this for ex. Engadget and others alike.
    As people have already mentioned It's not really the Apple related stuff, but the sheer volume of it. Hewlett Packards Danish public relations-spokesman went out to a Danish newspaper today and whined about the media being too positive about everything that Apple produces. Although he is a whiner, he definately on to something.

    Again Thanks alot Tom's ;) 
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    jamac666 , 9 April 2010 00:22
    Is it me or is there something very wrong with the link to the website above?
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    stevemo , 9 April 2010 03:23
    If you can do this for Apple news, can you also do it for those available in America offers that keep appearing on the site?
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    pasu666 , 10 April 2010 22:52
    Just keep the headlines clear enough so i'm able to filter out what articles i don't want to read. So whats next? A filter to filter out "I hate this and that rants"?