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The Never Ending PC and Mac War

The Apple Mac Cost Misconception

I still have my PC in the house, and in fact, have more PCs than Macs at this point. It all depends on what you want to do. I play games on my PC, but do virtually everything else on a Mac. If you’re a serious gamer and that’s what you primarily use your computer for, then a Mac is not for you.

Final Words

The biggest complaints about Apple are its lock down of Mac OS X to Apple hardware, and its prices. We put the price myth about its systems to rest, but Apple needs to take a long hard look at its upgrade options for customers — upgrades that are priced outside the realm of common sense.

If Apple opens up Mac OS to the public, it would first need to gain significantly more market share for its hardware to avoid cannibalizing system sales. There are many Windows users out there who really want to try out Mac OS X but just don’t want to have to spend the money on a system to do what they currently do on their Windows machine.

Competition between Microsoft and Apple is only getting better by the day. It’s great to have one challenge the other. In the end, the consumer wins.

The bottom line is the operating system. I personally can’t wait to see the next major release of Windows — that’s more exciting to me than the next release of Mac OS X.

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