Toshiba HDD 6TB X300

Hello everyone

This Tuesday, I install Toshiba HDD 6TB X300 once after it was install, I would say 45 min my PC restart it self. yesterday it happen again, now can this be the hard drive?

Thank you

Joel Perez
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  1. System specs, including make/model of the power supply?
  2. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X

    MOTHERBOARD: Aorus AX370-gaming K7

    RAM: Ballistix 16GB DDR4


    SSD:Crucial BX100 250GB

    SSHD: 2TB

  3. Double check and make sure all cables are fully inserted.
  4. logainofhades said:
    Double check and make sure all cables are fully inserted.

    Thanks. I'm about to do that now.
  5. I check to make sure that all the cables inserted. Now when I boot my PC, it goes on then a few seconds it reboots its self.
  6. Disconnect the drive, to see what happens. It could be a bad cable. Did you check the cables, PSU side, as that is a modular one?
  7. Sorry for message late. Yes its fully modular design, I did disconnect the drive once I did that the PC didn't reset itself that was Friday night. Now today it's started to reset itself, I changed the cable and make sure everything was connected so far nothing hasn't happened yet. If this happens again what should I do? do you think that hard drive did something to my PSU?
  8. I wouldn't think the HDD would damage the PSU. Did you change out the SATA cable?
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