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Hey guys! So a friend of mine has a laptop which's screen is broken and removed from it. Tha laptop is HP Pavilion g6 with intel core I7 with gpu AMD Radeon 7600.

When we turn on the laptop on after a reinstall it doesen't display anything on a external monitor.(before the reinstall it worked fine because of the settings)

My question is if we can somehow make it display through the external monitor.
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  1. There may be a display-switching toggle key on the keyboard, usually top row -- shows two monitor icons - - may need to be pressed in conjunction with the "Fn" key.

    Otherwise, you'll have to get the laptop screen replaced if you consider it worth the expense, so you can restore the display settings that it had before the fresh Windows install.
  2. Many laptops need to load the video drivers before the external connection will work. Since you did a clean Windows setup, you don't have the correct drivers.
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