If does my cpu temperature affect the temperature of other components like gpu

I changed my mobo and replaced my ram but since then both my cou and gpu run really hot,especially the cpu.Now i know that thecpu does that because of the faulty intel stock fan i have now but im not sure as to why the rtx 2070 ks running at 70 c while gaming,ut gets to the point where i am burning my hand whenever i put my hand on the gpu.I have 3 coolers front,one up,and one in the back and my cpu is i7700,mobo asus prime 270a
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  1. First thing i would do is not run my pc with a faulty stock cooler there not great as it is and your playing a dangerous game running a faulty stock cooler if that fails while under load you could risk frying your cpu aswell as your mobo, next thing is 70c is not really that hot for a gpu under load with average air cooling. do you have the gpu overclocked at all?
  2. No i dont overclock it and i know that 70 c is not that bad but before i had the faulty cpu cooler,the gpu was never running that hot,im thinking maybe i should place an exhale cooler right above the gpu so i get rid of some of thah hot air?
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    If your cpu cooler is faulty the cpu will be hotter hence it will warm up the air in the case and that will lead to the hotter gpu temps.My best advice buy a new cpu cooler and dont risk frying your cpu and mobo it would be a expensive mistake
  4. Yeah i got a noctua NH D9L but does it make sense for the gpu to be so hot while the rest of the case is not nearly as hot
  5. You have nothing to worry about a GPU can run at 50c idle with average air cooling and anywhere from 70-85c is fine for a GPU its just a case of getting better fans if you want lower temps.Also the rtx 2070 is a powerful card and pulls alot of power so it will run hotter then most.
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