Need build advice for new GPU and old network card(?)

Finally updating old GPU (GeForce 9800 gt 512) and thinking of going with an MSI RX 570. Just double checking to get input from the community to make sure I'm not overlooking anything such as cpu/mobo bottlenecks which would make this card a silly choice(overkill?) Is there a better choice for my mobo?

Also, I've come across an odd artifact that I purchased some time ago -- an EVGA Killer Xeno Pro gaming network card(400MHz NPU). Was wondering if it was worth putting in the build since I'm about to do some work anyhow. At this point would it help or hurt to have it?

This whole project is centered around my mobo which is a couple years old. It is going to be used for 1080 gaming and possibly for 3D printing.
Full build link here:
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  1. In this day and age your EVGA card should be irrelevant, as it was designed for Vista/Windows 7, and Windows 10 works great with games.

    That GPU should be okay for your system.

    Do you have a SSD? This would be the best upgrade you could make.
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