Unuseable Outlook 2016 Backup

I used to just copy-and-paste my Outlook.pst files from the C: drive to my internal 1 TB Seagate H: drive, or my external 1 TB Hitachi USB I: drive. Yesterday, I lost my marbles and I used Outlook 2016's "Import <> Export" function to make a backup to my H: drive. I have been having problems with a hacker, who I think wants me to pay him some ransom. So, yesterday I did a Repair/Reinstall of my C: Drive from November 4, 2017. The boot disk which was made by my Win 7 64b Pro worked like a charm, and the zipped backup files stored on my 5 year old Seagate Barracuda also unzipped without a hitch.

So, this morning I opened Outlook 2016 and went to the File Import<>Export option and tried to Import my Backup created by Outlook yesterday. I should note that the C: Drive Repair/Reinstall reinstalled Outlook 2016 up to 11-4-2017. When I opened Outlook this morning, additional emails were downloaded from my ISP's Server (Comcast, AKA XFINITY).
Outlook REFUSED to load my backup because "It is the same as the file that is currently in use! This is only true for the parts of Nov and Dec that were D/L this morning!

So, what should I do?

My only idea is to go into the open Outlook program and start deleting everything, and then try another backup restore. Would this work? But if Outlook can't tell that the current Outlook.pst file is missing a whole year, I'm not so sure that my idea would work!


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  1. The backup is named "backup_myname_datafile.pst."
    I guess that I could just rename it "Outlook.pst" and rename the current file "Outlook.pst.old" and substitute the "New" file in place of the "Old" one?

    I think that I'll give that a try.

  2. Well, it worked.....kinda. I just have a lot of dupes and I can't get the "Folder Clean-Up" to work.
    Oh well. It's better than it was yesterday.

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