I need to upgrade Asus Notebook K53SV

I need to upgrade only

1.CPU now is intel core i5-2410M 2.30GHz can i change to intel core i7-2760QM
2.My SDD now is 500GB 2.5"SATA 5200rpm/7200rpm but didn't know what brand in side , I need your help so I can buy the right one. I just want only 1TB
3.Do I need to change Graphic card now it's Nvidia Geforce GT540M ?
4.Now I use Window 7 Ultimate pack 1 64bit do I need to change?

if no.3 and no.4 is not that important just ignore it,

and I think I already change ram to 8gb in there with 1 slot..
I just want my laptop to better. Please give me and information what i can do and what I don't have to do. THank you
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    1) The processor upgrade should be possible.
    2) SSDs do not have spin speeds. It sounds more like you have a 500GB SATA HDD. You should be able to replace that with any other SATA SSD without issue.
    3) You may or may not be able to change the graphics card.
    4) You do not need to change your OS, though I would consider it.

    Laptop upgrades are not for the faint of heart. It's very easy to miss something on rebuilding or damage something in the process which, effectively, bricks your system. If this is a tertiary system that you can live without, go ahead. If this is a system that gets used regularly, I wouldn't attempt it.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thank you so much, I really didn't khow about I have hdd instead sdd. Because I just asked my IT support from my office to check and change to 500gb. lol . Can you suggest what brand Is better for Asus .. WD , Seagate , Sumsung etc. because I don't know which one is great for a longterm.
    thank you again
  3. Any of the above. You're not likely to go wrong.

    -Wolf sends
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