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Hi. I have recently bought a refurbished dell e6440 from dell refurbished uk. It came with windows 7 pro but i have upgraded to 10 pro. I noticed slow boot issues and contacted dell refurbished and they sent a new 256gb ssd. I was informed the ssd would have an os installed which i presume to be windows 7pro.
I removed the old 320gb hard drive and fitted the ssd. The laptop is not recognising the ssd
error is PXE - E61 Media test failure, check cable
No boot devices found, press any key to reboot
I entered the BIOS and it can't see the ssd.
Im not sure where the issue lies, would windows 10 on removed hard drive cause this or is it a wrong boot option or size of drive difference issue ?
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  1. Solved. SSD wasnt seated correctly, all good now. Laptop required to be reversed the correct way round and drive sat correctly as opposed to upside down, i guess gravity helped here
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