How do I get my ethernet working in a new home?

I recently moved into a new home (new build).

Comcast installed my internet, but was of no help getting my ethernet working.

My builder told me the modem needs to be connected in here and then the router needs to be connected to the patch panel for the room I want to have ethernet access for.

I have connected the cable modem and router. Wifi works fine. I connected the ethernet cables from the port on the back of the router to the patch panel, but I get no lights on the router as you can see and I get no ethernet access.

Not sure what I am doing wrong?

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  1. What is the model number of your motorola cable modem? If it has WiFi capabilities as well, you shouldn't need the additional router at all. Just connect the modem to the patch panel.

    -Wolf sends
  2. tydowns said:
    but I get no lights on the router as you can see and I get no ethernet access.

    U only get a light if there is something connected on the other end of that cable. Are the ports properly labeled? I don't see any. Do u know which jack goes into which room? That will be your first task.
  3. Someone was lazy when they installed that patch panel. The wires that are untwisted should be much shorter to the patch panel but in general it will work most the time.

    Are you really sure the yellow cable goes to the room you think it does. You of course must have a active pc plugged into the jack in the room.

    I am going to bet that these jacks were never tested when they installed them. A professional network cable guy would have done a much neater job and a general electrician does not carry the tools to really test ethernet cables. So if you really think the cable goes to the proper room there may be a wiring issue in the jack or the panel
  4. Read the cable as well should be cat5e, cat6, or cat6a. if it's just cat5 it's fairly outdated, but can still handle <100Mbs.
    If you buy a switch you can get everyone of those plugged in and one port to the router. Then any jack in your home that goes there will work.
    If you want additional wifi buy an access point like unifi ap lite/lr/pro
  5. 100 mbit per user is pretty decent, Internet wise, unless routinely copying large files between LAN clients.
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