Laptop GPU (1050ti) stucked at 600mhz during idle & full load

Hi All,

I have been all around here and other forums to find solution to this. Tried everything below:

1) install clean fresh OS - Windows 10 64 bit
2) tried to OC it back up using afterburner. After noticed it didn't work, I've reset to default and uninstall them so it is no longer installed.
3) use DDU to uninstall GPU driver and reinstall fresh driver
4) tried to extract fresh BIOS using GPU-Z but unfortunately BIOS reading not supported on this device.
5) ensure my laptop is not on any power saving mode

1) Current idle and full load temp at 40-45 °C so i didn't see any issue there.
2) GPU never OC'ed - i only noticed this issue after saw huge fps drop in game and straight away ran benchmark using Heaven 4.0
3) Recently new driver updated via GeForce (4.722) - highly unlikely but is it possible this is the cause?

Can i say the issue lies with the GPU itself (faulty hardware) or is it too early? Any other thing i should try? Had this laptop (Acer VX15) for almost 2 years now, never had any issue before.
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    Laptop video cards are very sensitive to the drivers, it is very likely some Windows update caused an issue. When you did a clean Windows setup, did you use the drivers from Acer support site? If not, do that. You will need to install the nVidia and the Intel drivers both from them or dual graphics may not work properly. Make sure the nVidia card is selected as the main card for your games, you may need to set it manually for each game.
  2. hang-the-9 thank you! Everything back to normal when i revert the GPU driver to older ver. 398.26 which I downloaded from Acer support site. In my case, the latest ver. 417.22 update by NVIDIA is causing the problem. To confirm my theory, I've tried updating to the latest version again and the same issue happened. You just save my day!
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