Which case cables go where?

I want to change my motherboard in my Lenovo IdeaCentre Y700-34 90DF00C5MW but the cables from the case are not the same as cables from most cases, how do i know which cables go where.
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  1. So the thing about that is you usually don't. How familiar are you with wiring of any kind? Do you have access to a multimeter?

    You can ohm it out, or use continuity mode, on a multimeter to see which wires are going to what front I/O. USB gets a little complicated if it is non-standard. You can also look up the pin-out for all the standard connectors on sites like Wikipedia. You might also be able to find the pin-out if someone has posted it.

    You can sometimes find pre-made adapters online by going to amazon, ebay, etc, typing in the model number of your computer and adding front panel and the like.

    After that, it is simply a matter of taking pins out of their connectors and putting them in the right locations. Standard case wiring pins can be pulled out of the plastic by depressing the exposed metal tab on the 'side' of the connector.

    A few pointers. Power and Reset switches are just normally open switches. Meaning when you pushing them all they are doing is shorting a pin to ground. They are the easiest to get working. LEDs have polarity, but if you put a multimeter on the output pins you should see steady power or the blinking for hard drive activity (will show as intermittent spikes on the voltage).
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