I'm about to build a storage for my new PC and I am planning for 1 SSD and 4 storage drives. I will use 500GB NVMe SSD from Samsung and now I have to choose the storage especially for storing many games and my data. Here I have options:
1. 4 x 2TB FireCuda SSHD - $112 each
2. 4 x 3TB BarraCuda (2016) 7200 rpm - $98 each

Considering the size, feature, warranty, read/write speed, game startup speed, real life performance which is better the FireCuda or BarraCuda? Which option is more worth? Do I missed another option?

I won't buy single 8TB/10TB HDD because I buy it separately. My need is 6TB minimum and future needs is always growing. If you have other HDD option maybe like IronWolf series (I know nothing about NAS drives and whether it can be used as regular drives) you can mention it but at least choose one of the option first. Thanks a lot!
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  1. How do you plan to configure those 4 drives? RAID0? RAID5? The single large drive is more foolproof and more expandable. You only use one of your SATA ports instead of (maybe) all of them.
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    It don't really matter how you configure it the SSHD will not be worth the money because it will only show improvement if you load the same thing off it over and over every time you access different data it overrides what was their.
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