Visual Glitches and Black screen PC crash

Recently I have been getting visual glitches that seem to bug out my computer, at random times when playing games mostly. They consist of Lines flickering across my screen, and when i tab out, my whole monitor just shows visual glitches, not sure how to describe them but lines of some sort, covering everything and the screen flickers them about. I took off my GPU overclock even though my temps were not too high seeing as I changed to a new case with 6 fans, it is actually cooler than it used to run and it never used to have issues. I have also had a few instances where my PC crashes to a black screen, which has even occurred watching Netflix, so likely not sue to temperature. I have also done a memory diagnostics test, no problems there, my CPU stays cool and has turbo clock to 3.8GHz anyway so i guess thats not the issue. Any ideas what could be wrong or on its last legs? The components are rather new, the oldest of which being the GPU and Power supply which I got both new around 3 years ago.

AMD R5 1500x @3.8GHz
R9 380x (Up to date drivers)
16GB DDR4 2666MHz
Samsung 850 evo 250gb (Windows 10)
1TB toshiba HD
Asus B350M
Corsair CX600
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