So a friend gave me his old computer

A friend that I no longer communicate with gave me his old pc a while back, probably three or four years ago. I just now decided on trying for some computer gaming but don’t really know how to go about it. I poked through it a bit and this looks like the stuff that was in it. CPU- AMD Sempron 145
Motherboard-ECS A960M-M3 - 1.0 - motherboard
Case- Nzxt Guardian 921
Power supply- 350 Watts
Ram- 2GB DDR3
GPU-msi r6450 2GD3H/LP graphics card
Memory- 250GB sata 16 mb cache I don’t know if any of this stuff is worth keeping or just scrap everything and build a new one altogether. Budget is about 400-450~ I could go a bit higher but staying around there would be nice. If anyone could help that would be appreciated.
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  1. I wouldn't reuse that PC as it's pretty outdated and has a "Septron". Too bad he didn't give you a PC with an AMD FX 8350 CPU. At least like that you could have tweaked some settings and added some different hardware and you could have had a decent mid to high (on certain games) machine that maybe could have lasted you as a gaming pc for a year or two at least. If you want to reuse the board, you could add an FX 4350 CPU, 16 GB of RAM DDR3, and SSD Drive and a Good GPU. Although you can, I wouldn't suggest adding an 8350 as it produces a lot of heat, and that 760 chip is going to start getting pretty toasty. You can get by with a 6300 FX chip, but it's just not worth it to go this route, unless you are really strapped for cash.

    Might want to use that cash you have and get a new setup to be honest:

    Maybe something like this for your budget? The GPU will most likely hit your wallet the hardest. You can go with the integrated graphics built into the board and save cash there, but don't expect a great gaming experience. Hope this helps.
  2. Yeah it's too old and underpowered to realistically game on, might be alright for web browsing and Email.
    You could also go without a graphics card and get a R5 2400G instead, but it'll be a bit weaker than the build inzane4all linked graphically. Still a whole lot better than what you have though.

    Really a lot depends on the games you want to play and the screen resolution you will be using.
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    I would save the ssd and use that as a second drive for extra space (if it still works) but wipe that clean first.

    then do like this.. it will be MUCH better and FASTER and play games decently (though not on high settings of course unless the game is an old one)

    Then upgrade later and get an add in GPU.. and if you can afford it get the 2400g instead of the 2200g (its like $50ish more I think)

    Correction NO reason to get a new case.. save the case and save a few more dollars and reuse it. and then you could get the 2400G .. so with the one I put up about $430 total with the 2200G and if you got one with the 2400G for less then $500 and be more future proof down the road you can then add a better GPU for gaming. I have one system with the 2200G that is only used for minecraft and world of warcraft and it runs both GREAT on an 1080P monitor. (its my wifes pc and the kids use it sometimes as well for the minecraft). I have an higher end system 1800X with an rx 580 8gb card... but that would be way over your price range.
  4. Anything you could build for your budget would demolish that thing, too ancient, and low end when it was new. Its worthless.

    Save the case and if it has an SSD you can use that, the GPU and memory you may get 10 bucks for on eBay, the rest is trash.
  5. isnipe151 said:
    Budget is about 400-450

    1: You could reuse the current case to save some money.
    2: Is your budget US dollars? You could build a new system for that budget.
  6. It’s a lil bit expensive at the moment but I do feel like doctor rob’s future proofing a little is the way to go. I’ll just have a save up a bit longer for a graphics card. I’m still a Complete computer noob here though and I don’t know how to know which card I should choose. Is it all based on what price your willing to pay or are there actual physical limitations based on the motherboard or something? Oh and I suppose I will need a cpu cooler like inzane4all’s link had right? Thanks for the help guys
  7. If you want somebody can price up the parts for you. You can build a really decent machine for your budget
  8. The 2200g and 2400G CPUs (with the built in GPU) come with coolers so no need to get a second one. IF I remember correct only the First gen X CPU like the 1800X did not come with Coolers. but all the Ryzen 2000 series come with them (if you don't get an OEM CPU)..
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