Sapphire trix or Msi afterburner for a custom fan curve for my Sapphire r9 390 Nitro ?

My r9 390 can get up to 80C with 3dmark
I want to set a custom gpu fan curve

last time I used afterburner was 2 years ago and I was on youtube
and i opened afterburner and it caused my pc to hard lock
i don't know if they fixed it

but do you recommend me Sapphire trix or afterburner ?
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  1. They both serve the same purpose and performance. I've used them both with my Sapphire R9 390x. It could also depend on what games you play. For example:

    Trix (almost 100% of the time) causes BFBC2 to crash to desktop.
    Afterburner would cause another game to crash (can't remember it ATM)

    Other than that, they will perform nearly identical.
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