PSU for EVGA GTX 570 HD 2.5GB & i7-960

Hi, i wanna buy a PSU but i really dont know so much about PC components.
PC Specs:
EVGA GTX 570 HD 2.5gb
Corsair Dominator GT 2x2gb

In my country is a little difficulty to find some good price/brand PSU, so i leave a catalog that shows all my posibilities.

Evga site says that gtx 570 need a 550 or more PSU with minimum 38 amp on 12+ volt rail

So much thanks, and sorry for my english.
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  1. The EVGA 550 GD will be a great choice:

    Here's the link:
  2. Your English is fine, don't worry.

    38A on the 12V = 456W, so a quality 450W unit would also meet the requirements.

    I agree that a 500+W unit is where you should be looking though. The GTX570 is a 225W (ish) TDP, the i7-960 is 130W. While a 450W could do it, 500-550W gives you a little added overhead.

    The first unit I see on that website that I would recommend is the SeaSonic S12II 520W.

    While it shows "20A", there's dual 12V rails.... and that's one unit where the scaling is linear. So it's actually 40A.
    It's a dated platform though, so it depends how tight your budget is.

    The S12II is the equivalent of ~$60 USD.
    Much better/newer is going to push you to near double that.

    ChumP said:
    The EVGA 550 GD will be a great choice:

    Here's the link:

    The GD is a bit of an unknown quantity AFAIK. Until recently, it was an Asia only exclusive.
    OEM is FSP, so it's not going to be bad. FSP have made some good PSUs for EVGA (GQ lineup).... but they've also made some only half-decent, like the NEXB etc.

    Hopefully the GD is a refresh of the GQ lineup, but I expect it'll be more of an a hybrid refresh/cost cutting exercise.
    I highly doubt it'll be (subjectively) 40% "better" than the older S12II, to justify the hike in price.
  3. So much thanks for your replys, i dont have so much money now xD.

    Could this PSU work? I really dont have in mind update components on this setup.

    Thanks :)
  4. As I mentioned, the first PSU I found when sorted from low-high prices was the S12II.

    The Litepower is not particularly good, no.
  5. So much thanks mate :)
  6. Hi, i got the psu, but my computer try to start like 1 seconds and just shutdown.

    With a generic psu of 600w (just connecting 4 of 8 cpu pines and motherboard 24 pines) almost start.

    What should i do? :S

    Thabk you so much
  7. What motherboard are you using?

    I assume these components are used? Were they tested & confirmed working?
  8. This is my motherboard

    Yes, they are used, but supposedly should work.

    The problem is that just connecting mb+cpu with 600W generic psu almost start, and with the 520W Seasonic just start for a second and turn off. What could be?

    So much thanks
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