Graphics card issue (maybe)

I have an rtx 2080ti and an i7 8700k with 16gb of 3200 ddr4 ram running windows 10. I have noticed with games like pubg and call of duty black ops 4 I get weird micro freezes in those games. I have friends that play the same games but dont have microstutters or freezes of any kind. I played rainbow six siege and had no stutters or anything. I do have my cpu overclocked to 4.7 with 1.27 volts and xmp on for ram however I don't think that matters cause I get the same stutters with default bios. Is it the games that are not optimized or my pc since others dont have those issues? I feel like I have tried everything but still get it.
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  1. Size and make of PSU?
  2. The power supply is the corsair RM1000x single rail 1000 watt.
  3. When you built pc, did use ALL new parts including storage
  4. Yes I did new everything including storage which are 2 new Samsung ssds
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