Is antivirus protection needed for Linux Ubuntu 18.04?

I have Linux Ubuntu 18.04 on my HP laptop. Is antivirus protection needed?
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  1. From the horse's (Ubuntu's) mouth, so to speak:
  2. With Linux, keeping up to date with patches and updates is much more important than anti-virus. Because Linux is used mostly on servers with no actual user, most of the security concerns in Linux are from a software vulnerability allowing an intruder to access your system, rather than a virus accidentally run by a desktop user. The updates will fix vulnerabilities as they are discovered. (Granted for home use, your router's firewall should block most intrusions. Be sure to update your router's firmware regularly - most routers are just tiny computers running Linux.)

    Ubuntu should be configured by default to auto-update. But you should verify that it is working (sometimes the correct repository addresses do not get entered properly by the install script).
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