I have a windows 10 acer touch screen laptop, nothiing happens after i turn it on and the logo shows up, just a black screen b

I reset my laptop after it froze and after it being reset it doesn't turn on properly, the screen stays black after the logo goes away, the cursor is visible, ctrl+alt+del doesn't do anything, safe mode won't turn on
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  1. How did you reset it - with windows 10?
    Have you tried booting from a bootable usb?
    Sounds like bios is loading but failling to start a boot loader.
    Have you tried going into bios while it's booting (can be tricky, you'll need to look up the keys for your model, often f2 or del or f12).
    I don't think windows is booting so ctrl+alt+del won't help.
    If you can't make any progress getting into bios, you could try reinstalling windows if you can boot from an installation usb.
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