Cpu red light?

I have an 8700k in z370i boards I try to boot it and all I get is the red cpu light and all the fans on and lights. When I take the cooler off but leave it connected and touch the cpu it does get hot like it is booting but nothing happens on the screen. Any suggestions would be great. The cpu is 10 months old
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  1. Thats probably motherboard issue, try clearing cmos.
  2. Already tried that
  3. What happens if you remove the RAM and GPU?
  4. Robert Ban said:
    What happens if you remove the RAM and GPU?

    Same thing just the red light
  5. Probably RMA if its still under warranty?
  6. on newer mb that red cpu light will come on if the eps power is missing. as the system was working use a test power supply with no gpu see if onboard video works.
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