Could you guys please check if the components in my build are compatible with each other?


Also, is this good for gaming?

Thanks Guys!!!
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  1. DDR4-3200MHz rams if you can afford it. I would source a cheaper USB driven WiFi adapter or look for a board that has WiFi bundled with it. You also don't need that much power, you can do away with a 550W~650W unit.
  2. Yes it's compatible. It's decent for gaming but could be better for the money. I would probably go with a ryzen 2600 if it means you could get a more powerful GPU say a 1070 ti.
    Question from 2.yash2003 : "I made a new PC build. Could you guys check if everything is fine and also where are the places I can save money? Thanks."

    2.yash2003 said:
    Its mainly for video editing and gaming. Please check if everything is compatible with each other.

    Thanks Again!

    PaulieVideos said:
    Everything is compatible and looks good.

    Anonymous said:
    Guessing it’s the AMD build?

    Swap to the r7 1700 and overclock it. You’ll save money and take a minimal performance hit.

    You don’t need that massive cooler for a ryzen chip. A good air cooler would suffice.

    You don’t need an X board to ocerclock a B board would save you money.

    You can save on a cheaper case.

    For editing you might want to look at 32GB of RAM.

    Maybe hold fire on the GPU because the RX line is getting launched so you might find the 1060 dropping in price, the 2070/60 being better value or finding a 1070/1080 for cheap used.

    2.yash2003 said:
    Its a intel build

    Your link is to a list of 3 builds, which one you talking about?
    Question from 2.yash2003 : "(I changed it a bit) Could you guys please check if the components in my build are compatible with each other?"

    2.yash2003 said:

    You're fine but there are a lot of other components I'd change in that build.
  5. Please stick to 1 thread for your build discussion.
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