Graphics Card dying?

i just really need confirmation if my GPU is dying or if it's "ok" until christmas. My computer has been black screening for the past 3-4 days each day increasingly getting worse.

Yesterday i got into a game the computer froze and i had to restart my whole computer to make it work again and get back into the game.

When it does black screen though any video i am watching pretty much goes green and freezes for me to watch the video again.

i have already reseated the card, dusted it out, and checked my HDMI and DVI cables to make sure they're both nice and snug and not loose.

i am pretty sure it's signs of my GPU dying considering it's like 8-9 years old as well. but i want to stretch as long as i can before replacing it.
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  1. 8-9 year old gpu? Holy smokes. I guess if you waited this long to replace it. Could be the gpu, or the power supply I guess. Does windows tell you what is crashing it?
  2. it kinda just says memory dump failure and crashed the computer. The PSU is only about 2 years old relatively new and it's 1000 watts so i am pretty sure it's not a power problem. the GPU is a AMD HIS Radeon 7850 1GB i'm honestly surprised it lasted this long to be honest it's trooper.
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