Choosing new components for the new PC,is it compatible?

As title says im chooseing new components and i want to build a new pc because my current one is quiet old.
Now since i choosed some components i want to ask here are all of these components compatible with each other.
I choosed:
Cpu:Amd ryzen 5 2600
Gpu:Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 aero ITX 3GB
Mainboard:Asus EX-A320M-GAMEING
RAM:G-Skill ddr4 8gb 2666-19 Aegis 1.2V GSK
Hard Drive:Segate IronWolf NAS HDD 1TB ST1000VN002
Power Supply:Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W
PC case:Sharkoon Tower VG5-V
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    Yes it will all work but 3 things..

    1 The motherboard will work but it is fairly cheap and won't allow much and wont allow overclocking...A MSI - B450M PRO-M2 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard at $64.99 from B&H will be much better now and in the long run...

    2 I would definitely factor in a SSD even if only a 120GB version as that will make a huge difference to how the PC feels...much more responsive, better load times etc. and they are now very cheap.

    3 Make sure the RAM is 2 x 4GB so that you get the benifit of running it in dual channel mode...

    Hope this helps.
  2. Yes the are compatible. Be sure to update the BIOS on the motherboard.
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