Headset does not work properly on my USB sound card [SOLVED]

Greetings to the community. I have a Creative Sound Blaster Play 3 usb sound card (DAC+AMP) and i recently purchased a new headset which is the Sennheiser GSP 300 to replace my previous uncomfortable headset. The problem is that even though the old headset worked normally on the sound blaster play 3, the GSP 300 does not.The sound is extremely low and distorted. At first i thought that maybe the headset is faulty so i wanted to test it by connecting it to my computer's on-board sound card. When i did, it worked fine there. I knew that low impedance headsets like the Sennheiser GSP 300 (which has only 19 Ohms) could have some slight hissing issues while connected to a DAC+AMP but i never imagined that scale of distortion.So what i wanted to ask is this: I always read about the maximum impedance that a dac+amp supports....but is there also a minimum limit too? Perhaps the GSP 300 has so low impedance that its just impossible for it to work there or is there any setting i can change in order for it to work? I am a bit afraid to just plug it back again and start messing around without knowing in case i cause any damage to the headset (since this sound card is also an amplifier). I dont really know much about those things so i would appreciate if anyone knows what can i do.
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  1. yeah I think a stereo headphone impedance is like 50 ohms to handle the power coming from the amplifier. Gaming headset is for lower power sound cards.
  2. Ok never mind i figured out what happened. Apparently the headset, since it has a very low impedance, requires very low volume from the usb sound card in order to work properly. When i first plugged it in, the default volume was around 42% which was too much for this headset, thus it distorted the sound. I then tried to put it to 100% and it was the same (obviously) so i thought there was something wrong and i unplugged it completely. After searching some things online, i decided to give it another try and this time set the volume to 0% and slowly increase it.Turns out it works fine on low volume levels so i currently have it at just 16% and its still loud.
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