When i tried booting up my new built pc with usb flash drive bootable windows i took out the usb too early and now i can't fix

my usb flash drive wont work because i took it out too early. Windows disappeared from the drive and now i can't download a new version on it because it of some 0x2909282 error.
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  1. it just automatically tries to download onto my ssd on my old pc
    Question from gaminglabbe : "My usb Flash drive wont work kinda"

    gaminglabbe said:
    so yesterday i spent the whole day building a new pc, and i were just about to boot up to windows when i took out the usb flash drive too soon that had windows on it. So now i'm trying to install windows creators tool or whatever it's called back on it but it wont install onto the flash drive for some reason. it just keeps on downloading it onto the ssd and i don't know where on the ssd so i can't move it into the flash drive. i really need a solution to this fast

    get a new flash drive
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