Computer Turns On But Not Off With Power Button.

So I recently pulled a very stupid act and decided to blow the radiator for my water cooler out with a can-o-air. Unfortunately in this stupid move some of the propellant came out of the can and hit the front of my case. When this happened my computer completely shut off. Now I am able to turn the machine on but I get no video. I also can no longer turn the machine off with the power button. Unfortunately I don't have a motherboard speaker handy to make sure I'm not getting any beeps. However, I did go through Toms guide to make sure I tested everything else. All power connections are connected correctly and the PSU fans comes on. (I had seen other issues with that being the problem) My current assumption is that I hyper-cooled the CPU and fried it with the cold propellant getting into the radiator. Does this sound reasonable and should I also be worried about purchasing a new motherboard? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Maybe there is something broken, but I think you first should buy a mini-speaker ($ 5) to be able to hear the Beep. Otherwise you go blind.

    Make sure the graphics card is connected correctly.
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