graphics card wont fit may not be able to change case either

my pc is a hp elite sff pc and i want to put a large graphics card in it but it wont fit
and the case io is rivited in no room no suitable power connectors and a l shaped psu could anyone find the most cost effective solution thanks
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  1. Return the card, or sell the card or computer.

    Otherwise, you need to find a way to transfer your motherboard to a new case, which probably isn't possible.
  2. would a new motherboard case and psu work?
  3. What is your exact system? Specs/model?
  4. stock except for 4 more gigabytes of ram
    the gpu im trying to fit ia from around a 750 ti to a 980
  5. I am unsure about that particular pc but theres a good chance that your system uses proprietary connections so mounting it on a conventional case could be problematic. You could go for a new board+case+psu or just a new build all together. Whats your budget?
  6. if the card under 30 days return it they do make low profile cards for htpc and sff pc.
  7. i have £70 i could buy used
    and im not looking for rgb or lighting so i could get thing a slight bit cheaper
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