Please help me, R5 1600 and GTX 1070 @1080p 144Hz - GTA V 35 FPS

I have gtx 1070 evga hybrid, 16gb ram, r5 1600, ssd 250gb samsung evo 960, 1TB HDD and asus prime b350-m motherboard and im getting 35 fps on high-ultra on GTA V, PUBG 55FPS very low, realm royale 100 and soo on, can someone explain me why am I getting soo low frames on my pc? I have it for 1 year now and im struggling everyday with my fps, can someone please help me I will pay
Ryzen 1600
GTX 1070 Hybrid EVGA
asus prime b350-m motherboard
16GB RAM 1 channel 2400MHz
WIN 10 64 BIT
All drivers updated
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  1. How are your temps? You can use msi afterburner, aida64, hwinfo...
  2. Try reinstalling all the drivers and see if you notice any change .
  3. The only thing I would think about is the processor throttling under high temps (keep them under 80°C) and memory bandwidth issue. You only have 1 stick of memory, dual channel is always better than single and can utilize more bandwidth.
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    Keep an eye on your system temps (cpu+gpu) and usage. A single stick of ram running at that speed can be the bane of your issue. Ryzen relies on fast ram due to the design on the infinity fabric. You should look into a dual channel ram kit running at 3000mhz or so.
  5. Did u find a solution?

    I am having the same problem now, i have a gtx 1070 ti + ryzen 1600 and i am getting 35 fps on GTA V

    Help me!
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